How Boat Brokerage Works

Thank You for taking the time to see How Brokerage Works and learning more about Great Lakes Boats & Brokerage.  My name is Ryan Evans and I am the founder of Great Lakes Boats & Brokerage in Cleveland, Ohio.  Below you will learn how our Brokerage System Works.  Whether you have found us on the World Wide Web, TV, radio, magazines, or in person I want to take a personal moment and say Thank You for considering Great Lakes Boats & Brokerage to broker your boat.

While our introductions are underway we discuss the boat that you would like to sell. We’ll discuss your wants and needs in the boating industry. What your likes and dislikes are about your current boat and what you would like to see and have in future.

Your Boat

We understand that your current boat is your pride and joy. So we take great pride in discussing your boat. Some of the questions we are going to ask are- What is the year, make, and model? What options did you choose? How many owners? What are your likes and dislikes? Why are you selling? What dollar amount are you looking to get out of your boat? All of these questions are typically asked during a showing. The more we know about your boat the better the sales process goes.


Brokering a boat starts with an interested person. It all starts by either calling us at 440-221-9001, emailing us at or clicking on our website

Condition & Value

At Great Lakes Boats and Brokerage, we understand that your boat is extremely valuable to you. We strive to take an outside look at your boat and help you get the best possible dollar. We start by sending a team member from Great Lakes Boats & Brokerage out to your boat.  They will do a light survey/inspection on your boat. From here we will give you a value.  We will also give you any and all recommendations to help you get more out of your boat.

Where We Place Your Boat

Typically the next question that will be asked is, where do you advertise? This is a great question. We start out by advertising on our main website., , and approx. 12 other websites. We advertise both foreign and domestic to get maximum exposure.  Magazine advertisements are placed in Trade Only, Great Lakes Scuttlebutt, Mid-America Magazine, and a wide variety of boat and yacht club rosters.  We will also do sporadic ads on and  TV and Radio advertisement are also in the works. It is very common for us to sell our boat out of the State of Ohio or even a foreign Country.


If you like what you see so far, the next step is listing with us. We will email or mail you a Brokerage Contract. Great Lakes Boats & Brokerage takes great pride in our listings; once we have the signed listing we will take full photos and videos of your boat to ensure maximum exposure. This enables the buyers to get a good idea of the floor plan and condition of the boat. Video gives interested buyers an even better perspective and live footage.  First impressions are always the most important, that’s way we try our best to make sure every listing is accurate and fully detailed.

Sales Leads

Sales leads can come in at any time! Great Lakes Boats and Brokerage is equipped with the latest technology. This technology enhances leads to go right the sales person’s personal cell phone and tablet. This allows them to answer leads on the go and within a very short amount of time.


Once we have talked with a potential buyer will we set up a showing for them.  Most of the time we will have the showings set up as an appointment to view your boat.  A member from Great Lakes Boats & Brokerage will be at each showing.  Showing usually last anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the boat size!  We will start out by introducing ourselves and proceed to do a complete walk through of your boat. (It is very common for us to have a moisture meter & or Hammer while we go through your boat) This enables us to show confidence and pride knowing your boat is a solid boat and we are happy to have it listed. Furthermore it gives the potential buyer confidence as well knowing he or she is looking at a quality boat and will pass a survey.

Offers & Negotiations

Once the showing is completed and an offer is made, Great Lakes Boats & Brokerage will present all offers to you. You will have the option to accept, decline, or counter the offer.  We will negotiate any and all factors and terms for you.

Surveys, Sea Trial, Financing

Most offers are contingent on Surveys, Sea Trials, and Financing.  In addition to helping schedule surveys and sea trials, we are qualified and fully insured to run your boat for the sea trial portion of the survey. This helps by getting the survey completed in the same day. Financing is also available with some of the best rates around.

Paperwork & Closing

Great Lakes Boats & Brokerage prepares & handles all the paperwork leaving both the Buyer and Seller to a happy and smooth closing.


Once all paperwork is completed and funds are cleared, you will receive your funds by your choice of Business Check, Certified Check, or Wire Transfer.

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